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What happens when a blind man, a woman of color, and a wannabe Latino get together to discuss how diversity, equity and inclusion can impact businesses?
Episode 12 Part 2: Leadership and Allyship in a Time of Crisis and Beyond
by Choose Inclusion

We continue our conversation with Julie Kratz, a highly-acclaimed speaker, trainer and author (, about her work helping women leaders create their winning career game plan, and her work building allies out of all leaders to foster more inclusive workplaces (the focus of her new book Lead Like an Ally: a Journey Through Corporate America with Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion). And please forgive parts of the audio if you experience any noise distortions. We are adapting to our new normal and in general are absolutely satisfied with Zoom, but recordings are not always perfect.

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Mike Hess

The Blind White IT Guy

Nina Baliga

The Woman of Color

UB Ciminieri

Wannabe Latino

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