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What happens when a blind man, a woman of color, and a wannabe Latino get together to discuss how diversity, equity and inclusion can impact businesses?
Bringing DEI&B to Your Team as a Manager with Shailvi Wakhlu
by Choose Inclusion

Shailvi Wakhlu (https://twitter.com/ShailviW) is a POC Engineering Lead who is often the only female POC leader on her team. Her original focus in bringing DEI&B to her teams was on gender roles. But as the conversation shifted this year to focus on systemic racism, so has her drive to bring the WHOLE conversation of DEI&B to her teams. How do you do that as a manager, whether your company is focused on the conversation or not? And how do you use this and other data to examine and understand whether your product or services are harming specific groups of people?

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Mike Hess

The Blind White IT Guy

Nina Baliga

The Woman of Color

UB Ciminieri

Wannabe Latino

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