Your hosts come from unique, and often underrepresented, backgrounds. And yet, they still have bias and are willing to explore that through real conversations with people who live bias – their own and others.

Using our own experiences and the experiences of other underrepresented communities, we want to give you tactical ways to face your own biases so you can ultimately build more inclusive and diverse teams of people within your organizations.


Mike Hess, who is blind, is the Executive Director of The Blind Institute of Technology, which provides workforce services for professionals with disabilities, by professionals with disabilities.

Ubaldo Ciminieri, who is Half-Latino, is cofounder of interviewIA, which has developed and launched a SaaS Interview Collaboration Platform for hiring companies to make it possible for every recruiter, hiring manager and interviewer to conduct equitable and data-driven interviews, consistently and repeatedly, leading to organic growth of diversity and inclusion.


Nina Baliga, who is a woman of color, is Principal, Inclusive Design for Kindle & Books at Amazon.

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