About Us

Your hosts are the old f’ing blind white guy, the wannabe Latino and the token brown woman. These are real conversations with people who live bias – their own and others.

Using our own experiences and the experiences of other underrepresented communities, we want to give you tactical ways to face your own biases so you can ultimately build more inclusive and diverse teams of people within your organizations.

MIKEThe F'ing Blind Guy
Mike is the Executive Director of The Blind Institute of Technology.
NINAThe Woman of Color
Nina is former VP of Client Experience and Equitable Strategies at interviewIA and former CEO and Founder of diversity.
UBThe Half Latino
UB is Co-founder/Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Evangelist of interviewIA & formerly CEO, Co-founder, and Facilitator at Breaking the Bias.

Our Story

UB Ciminieri, Nina Baliga and Mike Hess all come from very diverse experiences: UB is half Latino but grew up with the advantages of being white. Nina is a woman of color in technology. And Mike is the token blind guy. Their differences only strengthen their alliance to help companies confront their inclusion and diversity obstacles and embrace the thoughtful solutions this team has to offer.

Through Mike’s “eyes” companies can better understand their unconscious biases and learn to communicate more effectively and inclusively. Nina’s mission is to help companies find talent in more diverse places, to help underrepresented people find work and become leaders. UB focuses on helping companies communicate their stories more authentically to tell talent why they will matter.

Combined these solutions help companies grow to be more successful. This collective impact approach is designed within inclusion to support the diversity of thought that Nina, Mike and UB bring to the table. It’s this model of partnership that they hope to impart on not only the business community, but also the community at large. All three frequently speak on these topics to help spread the word that all people matter.

Nina, Mike and UB represent a cross-section of underrepresented communities in the US. We are people with visible and invisible disabilities, people of color, children of immigrants, and identify under the gender unicorn spectrum. All three of us are on a mission to create a world where everyone feels accepted, heard, and feel like they belong, and matter.

We will be leveraging our networks across the country to bring a cross-section of underrepresented people to raise awareness around unconscious bias. Our voices will bring in different perspectives that are often not included in the “diversity” conversation. 

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We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your experiences as an underrepresented person at work. Ask us questions or give us feedback about our shows. Let us know about topics you want to hear discussed. And as always any concerns you have are welcome!